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For always-connected businesses, internet and data infrastructure is one of the basics.

infinilink offers fast internet connectivity (via hub in Central Europe), WiFi solutions and switchboard services to keep your business always ON.

Internet services

Internet service provider

for business customers in the western region (Timis, Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara): high-speed internet, VPN/virtual private networks, cloud services, VoIP.

Connected infrastructure

in the Budapest internet hub for high-speed access to EU internet infrastructure.

Last mile services

Interconnection with other operators to connect customers’ businesses to internet infrastructure.

Managed WiFi solutions

Managed WiFi solutions

infinilink manages and maintains customers’ wireless networks: we install and configure networks, monitor and troubleshoot connectivity issues, manage user access and security.


We provide real-time traffic monitoring and analysis, network optimisation, troubleshooting and security monitoring solutions.

Port forwarding

Router settings to enable remote access to devices or services connected to the network.

WiFi network security

Methods and technologies to protect your networks from unauthorised access and cyber threats: data encryption, firewall-uril, VPNs, security protocols, etc.

SSID configurations

infinilink supports you in configuring your network name (SSID), password and other settings such as security protocols, network optimisation and bandwidth management.

Switchboard services

Physical equipment

Enables telephone connection regardless of Internet access: telephone lines, modems and other equipment needed to establish a telephone connection.

Integration of the central unit with third-party software

Enables more efficient and streamlined operations (e.g. through integration with billing-accounting software).

IVR configuration and cascading calls

IVR/Interactive Voice Response allows callers to navigate through a series of menus and automated options. Cascading configuration allows calls to be routed to different extensions or departments depending on certain conditions.

Technical support levels

Level 1

Support and troubleshooting
Basic investigations

Level 2

Experienced staff for complex assistance cases
Issues of advanced complexity
Non-standard cases covered

Your reliable partner

Expertise you can rely on

We’ve been delivering internet, communications, management and maintenance services for 15 years – growing as professionals, certified by countless successful customer deliveries.

Speed and confidence

Whether we’re talking about our own installation and intervention teams, or connecting our internet infrastructure directly into the European hub in Budapest, infinilink is set for fast and reliable internet services.

Solution integration

Single point of contact for internet & data services, which leads to optimising your infrastructure, reducing redundancy and costs and increasing security.

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