ICT services


For entrepreneurs focused on tomorrow’s business, infinilink provides IT & Communications infrastructure management.

Our services include network design and implementation, server and storage management, security and data backup, and cloud computing solutions.

The infinilink experts cover a much wider range of areas than one or two in-house staff at a fraction of the cost. So you have the peace of mind and comfort of working on your company’s growth.



infinilink helps you decide on complex topics such as ICT development strategy, ICT infrastructure design and implementation, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

24/7 Helpdesk

infinilink’s round-the-clock support service covers troubleshooting and problem solving for different types of technology such as software, hardware and networks.


infinilink supports you in network design and implementation, network monitoring and maintenance, remote access and support, cloud services and security.


Our services include server monitoring, data backup and recovery, software and hardware updates, security support.


infinilink provides warranty and post-warranty service for all delivered equipment.



infinilink supplies all the networking equipment you might need: routers, switches, WAPs/Wireless Access Points, firewalls, servers, NAS/Network Attached Storage, etc.


Whether your network needs wired, wireless or VPN routers, you can rely on infinilink to deliver.


infinilink provides hardware and software for main or backup servers, with the possibility of virtualization and security services.


We provide your computers, software, mobile devices, backup and recovery systems, and cloud services.


infinilink offers NGFW/Next-Generation Firewalls: advanced hardware and software systems designed to protect against sophisticated threats such as advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks.


Cloud & Virtualization

Use cloud computing to access on-demand computing resources and virtualization to run multiple applications on a single machine.


Depending on the software vendor, you can choose from a variety of licensing options such as perpetual or subscription-based licences.


Antivirus solutions are software programs that help protect your computers and networks against malware, such as viruses or spyware.


Firewall solutions are designed to protect your business from cyber threats such as hacking, phishing and malware attacks.


infinilink offers you high-speed internet, cloud and VoIP services, as well as security solutions and technical support.


Physical exchanges from Sangoma and GrandStream; or virtual/cloud exchanges.

Technical support levels

Level 1

Support and troubleshooting
Basic investigations

Level 2

Experienced staff for complex assistance cases
Issues of advanced complexity
Non-standard cases covered

Your reliable partner

Proactive attitude

With technical support services from infinilink, you’ll detect and identify problems before they become issues.

24/7 availability

infinilink’s technical support experts are always ready to provide you with high-quality support and eliminate any ICT headaches you may have.

Support from scratch

Choose infinilink for your technical support needs, and we’ll assemble a dedicated team and set up finely tuned processes from scratch.

Uncompromising data security

infinilink’s technical support experts treat all cybersecurity and data protection issues as a top priority within a well-established framework.

Advanced scalability

Any successful business needs to grow while remaining flexible. To ensure your agility, our technical support will scale your operations as you expand.

Cost efficiency

Any outsourced package costs you far less than equivalent services performed with in-house specialists.

Free evaluation of your project

To receive a free evaluation of your project, please fill in the form below. The infinilink team will contact you for a preliminary discussion before sending you a quotation.

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ICT services
ICT services
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