Case study

Complex ICT system upgrade & 360° system management

For a multinational corporate client, with production capabilities but no IT staff in Romania, we rebuilt the entire local ICT system and now we manage it according to corporate requirements and standards.

Status quo

The client company is a multinational corporation headquartered in North America, operating in the automotive industry. As a global leader in the field, the company has a significant presence in many countries around the world, including Romania. Despite global coverage, the client has no IT staff in Romania, which can create challenges for their operations in the country.

Therefore, the client sought solutions to optimize their IT infrastructure and improve the performance of their industrial machinery, while ensuring that their employees have the skills and knowledge to operate the upgraded systems.

Together with the client company, we identified the most important challenges:

  1. Interconnecting industrial machines within the existing network;
  2. upgrading the IT infrastructure for better connectivity and communication between machines;
  3. training employees to operate efficiently;
  4. guidance and assistance on how to schedule their IT purchases.


1. Improving the connectivity of industrial machines within the network: Together with the client company, we conducted a careful analysis of the existing IT infrastructure and identified areas that needed upgrading to improve connectivity and communication between machines. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client to ensure that machine integration was perfectly optimised.

Outcome: improved efficiency and productivity.

2. Efficient operation of IT infrastructure: We perform ongoing upgrades and maintenance to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. Our team is constantly informing the customer about necessary updates and how to implement them without disrupting operations.

Outcome: reducing costs and security vulnerabilities.

3. Staff training: We have provided training to the customer’s employees to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to operate the upgraded infrastructure and interconnected industrial machinery. Our team provided training sessions that were tailored to the specific needs of the client and their employees. Training sessions covered a range of topics such as network security, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Outcome: employees have acquired new skills and knowledge that can be applied in their daily work.

4. IT procurement support: Together with the client, we developed a clear understanding of the lifecycle of their IT infrastructure and when it would need upgrading. We worked with the client to develop a roadmap for necessary upgrades and the purchase of new technology to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. In doing so, we have ensured that the client’s IT infrastructure has been fully optimised and that its employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate it.

Outcome: reduced costs and improved operations.

Used technologies

Throughout the project, we have used a wide range of technologies to provide our client companies with a secure, efficient and productive IT environment – allowing them to focus on core business operations.

Heterogeneous network: mix of equipment from several suppliers, allowing the customer to choose the best solutions for their needs.

Fixed/wireless access solutions: gives customer employees the ability to access the network from any location.

Identity Access Management (IAM): access permissions management solutions that give the customer the ability to regulate access to specific resources, systems or applications based on the employee’s role or authorization level.

Productivity solutions: software applications that help employees be more productive by allowing them to collaborate on documents and projects in real time, regardless of location.

Management / integrated communication security solutions: firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, as well as anti-virus and anti-malware software that protect the customer’s network against threats.

Interconnecting industrial machinery, upgrading IT infrastructure, training employees and providing IT procurement guidance has had a significant positive impact on a client company: resulting in increased efficiency, cost savings and improved productivity.

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