Case study

Disaster recovery solutions

For multiple clients in different industries, we optimised ICT infrastructures with a focus on data recovery in case of incidents. We now manage ICT systems according to individual customer requirements and standards, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Status quo

Our clients are European companies in multiple industries. Although different companies, the disaster recovery requirements are similar: reliable and secure infrastructure; data security; disaster recovery and business continuity solutions; skilled ICT staff who can manage complex ICT systems and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Together with the client companies, we defined the priorities for optimising ICT systems:

  1. Maintaining company functionality following ICT incidents
  2. Data retention/retrieval
  3. Preservation of know-how and protection of intellectual property
  4. For ERP software: keeping business and financial data


1. Maintaining company functionality following ICT incidents:We support clients in quickly identifying and resolving any problems that arise in ICT systems to minimise downtime and ensure business continuity through activities such as restoring data, repairing hardware or software affected by the incident, implementing new security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Outcome: we minimise the impact of any disruption caused by technical issues or cyber-attacks, allowing our customers to continue their operations without significant interruption or loss of productivity.

2. Data retention/retrieval We have developed data retention and recovery policies, i.e. we provide the appropriate services to ensure that critical client company data is backed up and can be restored in the event of data loss.

Outcome: Critical data is stored securely and can be recovered quickly in the event of a disaster, minimising the risk of data loss and allowing customers to maintain continuity of operations.

3. Preserving know-how We placed great emphasis on preserving know-how and protecting intellectual property, ensuring that our clients’ valuable knowledge and expertise is documented and secured for their long-term benefit.

Outcome: By protecting clients’ intellectual property and expertise, we protect them from potential theft or infringement and help maintain their competitive advantage.

4. Keeping business and financial data: We ensure that client companies’ ERP systems are regularly maintained and updated to prevent any potential data loss or corruption.

Outcome: By ensuring data integrity and security in ERP systems, we help customers make informed decisions and maintain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Used technologies

Our team has used multiple key technologies to support clients’ business operations:

NAS / Network-Attached Storage provides an additional server in the network for the data storage needs of client companies. This solution enables automated backups to be made both on the main server and at network endpoints, ensuring that critical data is securely stored and easily accessible. With NAS, customers can easily expand their storage capacity as their needs grow over time without having to invest in new server infrastructure.

Alternative solutions that leverage cloud technology integrated into the local network. These solutions enable automated backups and provide our customers with a scalable and cost-effective option for their data storage needs. Cloud-based solutions can be particularly beneficial for businesses with remote teams or distributed operations, as they can access data from anywhere with an internet connection. By integrating cloud technology with the local network, our customers benefit from the advantages of both technologies while ensuring data security and privacy.

Our services demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with comprehensive and effective incident recovery solutions. By taking a thorough and proactive approach to data recovery, customers can have peace of mind that their business operations and critical data are always protected. *

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