Case study

ICT infrastructure for finance

For an international non-bank financial institution client, we rebuilt the entire ICT infrastructure when relocating to a new office. We have achieved a flawless transition and are now managing the ICT system according to customer requirements and standards.

Status quo

The ICT needs of international companies in the non-bank financial institutions sector can vary depending on the size of the company and the business model and regulatory framework.

In this specific case, together with the client company, we defined the ICT priorities as:

  1. High uptime for the whole system and for each user;
  2. Maximum database security;
  3. Flawless security of the end customers’ personal data;
  4. Ensuring functionality for third-party software solutions.


1. High uptime for the whole system and for each user:As the client company call centre is the backbone of operations, it is extremely important that the ICT infrastructure ensures a high level of uptime for the entire system as well as for each individual agent under high call volume conditions.

Outcome: End customers have access to services at any time, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, costs have been reduced under conditions of increased productivity.

2. Maximum database security: Data security is a critical aspect of operations: no data can leave the company, including as attachments, copying to sticks and other means. To ensure compliance with this requirement, our team implemented strict security protocols and technologies that restricted the transfer of data to the public.

Outcome: Robust data security infrastructure enhances the reputation of the client company and reduces the risk of financial and legal repercussions.

3. Flawless security of the end customers’ personal data: Because our client processes end-customers’ personal data, we have ensured that their data is perfectly secure and that no unauthorised access can compromise the client’s operations or its customers’ privacy.

Outcome: compliance with data protection regulations as well as increased end-customer trust and loyalty.

4. Ensuring functionality for third-party software solutions: We integrated the client’s required software solutions into the ICT infrastructure and ensured that operations ran smoothly and without interruption.

Outcome: The client company has access to the latest tools and technologies to improve productivity and streamline business processes.

Used technologies

As part of the project, we have used several cutting-edge technologies to provide the client company with a customised ICT infrastructure that meets its specific needs:

ICT equipment, virtual machines and applications: the customer has access to the latest hardware and software solutions, allowing them to optimise operations and productivity.

Network equipment with management: ensures that the customer’s network is robust, scalable and can handle the high volume of data traffic generated by the customer.

Heterogeneous network with vendor mix: provides flexibility and adaptability to dynamic customer requirements.

Fixed and wireless access solutions: allows client’s employees to connect and collaborate remotely, ensuring ease of doing business.

Identity Access Management (IAM): optimises data security by ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive data.

Integrated communications security management and solutions: we protect customer systems from cyber threats and potential attacks.

Integrated management of existing applications: allow the customer company to continue using existing tools and processes without interruption.

Interconnecting industrial machinery, upgrading IT infrastructure, training employees and providing IT procurement guidance has had a significant positive impact on a client company: resulting in increased efficiency, cost savings and improved productivity.

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